Virtual data rooms are surely an indispensable part of any business entity when it comes to online collaboration and secure storing of sensitive business data. This article is a review of Clinked Virtual Data Room.

What is a virtual data room?

Many digital solutions are emerging today to address the traditional challenges of information availability, storage reliability, rapid disaster recovery, and high availability. However, to maximize the return on investment and ensure the freedom of the authorized user to work with information, a combination of existing and new tools can be effective. One of such technologies is a virtual data room (VDR), which is developed for enabling a secure collaborative environment for business transactions.

The functional architecture of the classical data room consists of three components:

  • data warehouse. This is the basis of the VDR system. Here is the operational information from various automated modules of the head office and branches of the organization, from subsidiaries.
  • a set of tools to support enterprise management technologies: financial planning, management accounting, forecasting, etc.
  • OLAP tools for operational work with business data accumulated in the warehouse.

So,  the purpose of VDRsystems is to automate the strategic planning of business deal development and to support tactical business process management at different levels. The task of VDR systems is to help in realizing the strategic goals of the business in real conditions ensuring secure collaborative tools. Providing the user with the right information at the right time will improve the efficiency of operational management.

Clinked data room: how does it work?

Clinked data room is a secure data management system, that is suitable for different business sectors. The software strategy is based on the following advantages:

  • the presence of a single repository of information and system, where instantly placed and where at any time available all the information about all cases of interaction with customers;
  • synchronization of management of multiple channels of interaction (organizational procedures are governing the use of this system and information in each division of the company);
  • standardization of actions because Clinked data room has clear rules for working with it, which standardizes the actions of employees;
  • continuous analysis of collected information about customers and making appropriate organizational decisions, such as ranking customers based on their importance to the company, developing an individual approach to customers according to their specific needs and requests;
  • simplified collaboration as the data room allows you to manage projects, form teamwork: distribute tasks to performers, set deadlines, and monitor the implementation of tasks by each employee.

Clinked data room allows you to have discussions in a separate tab of the card of any project, if necessary. This allows managers to quickly receive information from participants in the negotiation process, and will not be confused in any discussions, as they can view the history of the discussion at any time.

The user-friendly web interface of Clinked data room ensures geographically remote and mobile users access the central database of the system to perform all necessary actions in the document management process, including maintaining their local document management, by the rights and powers granted.

Another advantage of this software solution is the ability to build a flexible routing system, ie document movement management in the company. In this case, as a rule, an access control system is applied, which guarantees the preservation of trade secrets and confidentiality. Setting up routing schemes in the Clinked data room following business processes can be performed independently by IT specialists of the company.